Curious what publicly available metagenomes contain an organism you're interested in?

Start by selecting your genome below (fasta format only) or checking out our examples.

This default search allows you to rapidly search over 1 million metagenomes deposited in NCBI's Sequence Read Archive (SRA). For best results, search with sequences 50kb or longer. Sequences shorter than 10kb will rarely produce results. Quality of the match to the uploaded genome is represented by the cANI score (calculated from containment). The relationship between cANI and taxonomic level of the match varies with the genome of interest. In general, matches are most robust to the genus taxonomic level and a cANI > 0.97 often represents a species-level match.

Search typically takes less than 5 minutes. Default search returns SRA metagenomes with geolocation data and with >10% containment of the query genome, presented in a table, map, and summary plots for selected high-interest metadata. An advanced search is available for selection of included metadata. Further details regarding search and metadata can be found on the about page.

Please note that this web server is still in development and the interface may occasionally be updated. If your query does not return results in 5 minutes, please try again in an hour or reach out to us via the branchwater-web issue tracker on github.